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the life of a twentysomething living in music city

The Beginning

It has taken me endless concepts, 4 different blog names, 3 cities and about a year to get me to the beginning of what I hope to be a successful adventure. By successful, I don't mean running a profitable blog (though that would be nice), I mean creating posts that inspire and teach not only me, but my readers as well.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I have had many dreams in life. Running a restaurant, being a wedding planner, working as a PR executive in a city like New York or LA, owning my own bakery... let's just say I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

I started writing blogs during my time as an intern for Pyxl, a digital marketing agency, in Phoenix. I loved the ability to research topics I had interest in and how I would learn from writing a post. When I moved back to Pittsburgh in September of 2014, I had the honor of becoming friends with Alex Duffy, founder of Duffy Dossier. Alex's independence, personality, writing capabilites, and of course her fashion sense, inspired me to to start my own blog. 

Over the new few months I brainstormed about names, concepts, branding... I would take notes constantly. My passion for bartending led me to a cocktail blog that went from "With A Twist" to "Just One More" and ended up launching in June. Days after the launch, I found myself flying to Nashville for job interviews. During the month of June, I decided leave both my full-time real estate position and my part-time bartending job to move to Nashville for a new journey.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to blogging is inconsistency. Just One More had pretty much died in my eyes. I had been working so much to be able to move that I lost focus the blog and the passion for it. I had a crazy adventure ahead of me in Nashville and I wanted to share my experience with friends, family members and pretty much anyone willing to listen. I thought, " why not blog about it?"

Next step: renaming, redesigning and rebranding.

The renaming part came easier than expected. I had spent months brainstorming my first blog name and this one came into my life without even thinking about it. To be honest, a stranger in a bar made the joke and asked me, "So, your blog's name is Rocci's Modern Life (Rocci is my last name), right? Like the show Rocko's Modern Life." And the new name was born.

I'm super excited to be able to have Rocci's Modern Life as a creative outlet in the kitchen, behind the bar, at a show or exploring Nashville. It might be a bit of a rocky road (pun intended), but I cannot wait to see how it all goes!





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